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I know you have heard it before but we are passionate about snorkeling and diving, we have over 20 years experience in the snorkeling and diving industry. We offer our customers a broad range of quality products for swimming, snorkeling and diving that are good value for money.

We offer a great range of snorkeling equipment to suit every budget, our snorkeling equipment is all top of the range quality. The range of snorkeling equipment we offer represents great value for money. We are the place to be if you need a snorkel set!

We also offer an affordable solution if you wear glasses or contact lenses with our prescription goggles for snorkeling, diving, or swimming. The range of prescription goggles we supply offer great value for money when you consider that many opticians will charge over £300.00 for prescription diving or snorkeling goggles. We are not allowed to supply junior prescription goggles, but our goggles still represent one of our best buys.

Many of our customers are warm water divers who do not want to take all their own diving kit with them on holiday, they take the basic snorkeling equipment like a snorkel set and a few diving accessories. For divers who enjoy diving in the more temperate waters of the UK our range of high quality diving accessories are great for them too.

At Activeaqua we have had some great snorkeling travel adventures, many of our customers also have snorkeling travel adventures to share with us. We will be expanding the information in our snorkeling travel section in the next few months.

Why not browse our on-line shop to see our complete range of snorkeling equipment, optical dive masks, prescription goggles, snorkel sets, diving accessories and snorkeling travel information. We have a no quibble 28 day returns policy, see our terms and conditions for full details.

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