Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : West bay, Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : West bay, Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : West bay, Turtle Farm

The Turtle Farm’s Mini wall is a very good snorkeling spot, for grand Cayman snorkeling travels. There are two different entrances to this location, one, in front of the dive shop by taking a step ladder or by entering in the cove right next to the Turtle Farm. The cove entrance is not as simple but the snorkeling in the cove is really great and worth the extra effort.

Take a look at the cove and make sure are comfortable with the entrance and exit before you get in. The entrances and exits are fairly simple but snorkeling booties should be worn in order to be able to walk on the rocks in the secluded cove entrance.

This grand Cayman snorkeling travel spot offers the best views close to shore right in the entrance and on “the lip” of the mini wall. By the entrance you can see amongst many sea creatures tons of juvenile fish, octopus, soft sponges and sea fans. This area is well known for the gigantic parrot fish that schools between the entrances and the mini wall, some up to 2ft long, the “crunching” noise you will hear underwater is the sound of these beautiful fish feeding off the coral and ocean floor. Parrot Fish are known for their colorful bodies and produce up to a pound of sand a year. Some of these bigger Parrot Fish species most likely produce even more sand !

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : West bay, Cemetery Beach

This reef is a very popular spot for Grand Cayman snorkeling travel

This reef is a very popular spot for Grand Cayman snorkeling travel and sun bathing. This beautiful location will offer the best of both worlds, a beach entrance and good grand Cayman snorkeling travel nearby The reefs are few minutes away resting in about 20ft of water. The marine life is very abundant, of you are brave, bring some fish food with you so you can have the “Cayman Piranhas” experience. Sergeant Majors, so called “Cayman Piranhas”, will literally swarm you for a morsel, better yet, look for somebody else with food so you can watch the them get enveloped by fish!

Sea Turtle are also known to frequent the area, some are as large as the biggest found at the Turtle Farm swim by on a daily basis looking for food and shelter from deep water, to sea turtle in the ocean is one of the most amazing experiences you will have on your snorkeling travels.

Being one of the most picturesque areas in Grand Cayman this spot should not be missed. Huge Australian Pines offer plenty of shade on the shore for the whole day if you are looking to spend time on the beach as well.

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : George Town, Wreck of the Cali

The wreck of the Cali is an old freighter that sank right in front of George Town and is a very interesting spot to visit on your snorkeling travels.

Legend tells of the Cali taking in a lot of water and was brought closer to shore, unfortunately it was carrying large amounts of rice, which of course expanded with all the water. The Cali virtually exploded from the rice expansion. No one can confirm this story, heard being told time and time again by the locals. Truth or fiction, the Cali is a nice wreck to snorkel It rests on the Sea floor.

floor in pieces with all the ribs exposed making a really nice home for thousand of fish, giant sea urchins, eels, octopus and many other creatures. The wreck is really close to shore in very shallow waters, that makes it a fun site for all the family a very easy site to go grand Cayman snorkeling.Thsi is a great family adventure on your snorkeling travels.

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : Bodden Town, Beach Bay

Beach Bay is a small cove hidden just before entering Bodden Town. You have to drive down the long Beach Bay road, about two miles, before you reach the shore. There is a small car park as soon as you get to the end of the road. From here you walk downhill to the beach and you will see the cove to the left which makes it a great spot to visit on your snorkeling travels.

This grand Cayman snorkeling travels spot is situated at the end of Pedro’s Bluff, it offers a remote, untouched snorkeling experience are rare jewel on your snorkeling travels.

The entrance is fairly easy, use the small man made lagoon makes for an easy access to the outside barrier reef that surrounds the area. Because of the weather this location can be very rough so keep the snorkeling on the inside of the reef if conditions do not allow you to explore further out

The area consists of mostly shallow water snorkeling with dramatic coral formations outside the reef in about 30ft of water. The sea life is plenty full but elusive as most of the creatures are not used to seeing many snorkelers on their snorkeling travels.

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Travel : Rum Point

Magical Rum Point, with restaurants, bars, secluded beaches, boat access, beautiful mansions and great grand Cayman snorkeling travel spot. This area is “a must” for every visitor on snorkeling travels to the Cayman Islands.

Entering the Rum Point area there are several hidden beaches underneath the bluff that hold pristine coral formations in shallow waters. The snorkeling at Rum Point is done within the barrier reef so it’s mostly accessible all year.

The snorkeling at the Public Beach is equally beautiful, the area holds tables and toilet for your comfort. Rum Point beach is great for viewing fish and stingrays but beware ! Do not feed or touch these rays, only look, you are not at stingray city ! were “tame” stingrays can be fed on your snorkeling travels

The magnificent coral formations can be found on your snorkeling travels by the point at the Retreat Condos. Walk over on the beach and enter the water from the condos, the coral heads are on the right about 40yards from shore.
At Cayman Kai, the main underwater attraction is the Starfish. There are plenty to look at , but please do not remove them from their habitat they have no wish to join you on your snorkeling travels! . Rum Point is a replenishment zone, the removal of any marine animal is strictly prohibited so take care not to remove any marine life so you do not get into trouble on your snorkeling travels or disturb the marine life. This is one of our favorite grand Cayman snorkeling travel spots.

If you go on snorkeling travels to grand Cayman and discover any other great snorkeling spots please let us know.

Encountering rays in the ocean is one of my favourite experiences with different rays all over the world to observe and watch gliding through the water. Recently I have been lucky enough to snorkel with both Sting Rays and Manta Rays on my travels.

Stingray City Grand Cayman

I don’t usually go on the tourist trail when I am on holiday and getting into the water with 80 other snorkelers just doesn’t appeal. However on a recent trip to Grand Cayman I signed up for the String Ray City tour. I opted for the early bird tour as most holiday makers would prefer to get up and have breakfast at a leisurely pace rather than be down at the boat dock at 8.00am. There were only 10 of us on the boat and we were the only boat on the site so it was really worth getting up early for. We jumped into the warm water (84 degrees) which comes up no higher than your chest. We were not allowed to wear fins or boots in case you trod on the rays.

The rays were amazing. They let you hold them in water and stroke their soft bellies, they danced around you waiting to be fed from the bucket of squid the crew had brought with them. You could hold the squid in your hand taking care to tuck your fingers in and simply feed the rays, who would dance and splash around you waiting for their treat. At one point I had four or five rays bumping up against me. I had left the main group and was having my own private encounter and it was wonderful.

However do remember that these are wild creatures and they are called stingrays for a reason! As long as they are treated with respect and not cornered or feel threatened, they are gentle magic carpets who love have their tummies rubbed.

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