This is one of our favorite Thailand diving destinations. Five beautiful limestone islands with a shallow lagoon and white powder beach above the surface, and a magical Thailand diving experience below. The islands are separated by deep water channels, and are famous for the exceptional visibility. With a choice of six dive sites, provide excellent Thailand diving for all levels of diver. Here you will find colorful coral gardens and fringing reefs, impressive walls, strange pinnacle formations, and huge cathedral like caves.

Marine life is both diverse and abundant for Thailand Diving , with beautiful soft corals, fans and anemones covering walls and pinnacles. The macro buff will find nudibranchs, ghost pipefish and sea horses, as well as many species of exotic reef dwellers, giant Morays and playful Octopus, whilst out in the blue Tuna and Barracuda hunt shoals of small fish in formation, creating a moving picture of silver and bronze.

Another great attraction of Thailand diving at Koh Haa is its location, just 15km. west of Pimalai. Departing at 0800 we have normally completed our first dive before anyone else arrives. After two dives with one hour surface interval, we are back at Pimalai at 1400. Leaving you the rest of day to relax and share your Thailand Diving experience with other guest or holiday makers at the resort.


Phi Phi provides a stunning setting, for Thailand Diving with a number of good dive sites to choose from, the best by far for Thailand Diving are the Bida islands. Koh Bida Nai is also known as fantasy rock, for the pinnacles creating a playground of swim throughs on the south of the island. This is a very popular area suitable for all levels of diver, with an average depth of 10 to 25 meters. Famous in Thailand Diving for the huge Gorgonian fans found on the wall and ledges to the North of Koh Bida Nok. With limestone outcrops and pinnacles everywhere, covered with an amazing variety of soft corals and marine life. The little critters are abundant, but our favorites are the Turtles and the Leopard Sharks, which can grow to three meters in length, although you are more likely to encounter the two meter version. Koh Bida offers a great Thailand Diving experience, but it must be said that all of the Thailand Diving sites around Phi Phi can be busy. Situated North West of Pimalai we are normally return at 1500, after our two dive schedule. Occassionally visiting Maya Bay where “The Beach” was filmed for the surface interval.


35 Km South West of Koh Lanta, we find the most famous dive site in Thailand Diving. Many articles have been written about Hin Daeng and it is easy to see why, this is one of the most dramatic dive sites in Thailand Diving waters. The Red Rock is named from the huge red soft corals that cover the upper part of the sea mount. Rising up from the depths the peak of this rock formation only just breaks the surface, but underwater you will find a series of vertical walls and ledges that plunge down well below 50 meters on one side, and a relatively gentle slope and canyon on the other, that is home to an incredible variety of fauna and marine life.

When conditions are good the visibility can exceed 35 meters, and looking up at the rock formation surrounded by dense clouds of shoaling fish is a magical experience in Thailand Diving. Everything here is bigger, and Hin Daeng attracts many pelagic species. Rainbow Runners and giant Barracuda hang motionless in menacing shoals, while Jacks and Tuna are in perpetual motion buzzing in on the unwary. Sharks and Manta Rays are seen regularly and if you are very lucky in your Thailand Diving experience you will encounter a Whale Shark. The trip starts at 0800, returning at 1530.


Hin Muang is the other world class Thailand Diving site in the southern Andaman and our favorite, perhaps not as well known as Hin Daeng, but easily on par with the quality of diving in the Similan Islands or any other site Thailand has to offer. Situated 500 meters from Hin Daeng, it features a series of five sea mounts or a large ridge starting at eight meters below the surface and going progressively deeper with vertical walls dropping off to 70 meters, making it the deepest dive site in Thailand.

At 35 meters the ridge breaks up into a series of pinnacles and rocky outcrops that continue, well below recreational dive limits, and almost join up with Hin Daeng. This dive site is absolutely covered with purple and pink soft corals, close encounters with huge Manta Rays are common, often in groups, and large shoals of pelagic fish are every where. Hin Muang offers everything Hin Daeng offers and much more. On good days it is quite simply awesome, and a dive you will remember for a very long time.

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