Snorkel Sets


What’s the difference between our snorkel sets and other snorkel sets you find on the internet? All our snorkel set masks have polycarbonate frames, crystal silicone face seal and tempered glass lenses.

So what does that mean to you? Often cheap snorkels set packages that appear to be good value for money contain a mask with is made of plastic. The problem with plastic masks is that the frames break easily the plastic lenses scratch and crack easily and a plastic face seal will never make a good seal to you face. These snorkel sets are slightly cheaper but they will not serve you well in the long run.


The snorkel sets we sell are top quality and all the mask we sell are rated as Scuba Diving masks. We source our snorkels sets directly from the manufacturer to give you a great quality snorkels sets at the best possible price.

Your snorkels set is a great investment to make, just think of all the fun you can have snorkelling with snorkel set that is comfortable and does not leak or fog up.

When choosing the right snorkel set for you have many options think about if you would prefer a mask with one lens or two or perhaps you want a prescription mask as part of your snorkel set. If you need any advice on which snorkel set would suit you best then please call or email us we are always happy to help you make your choice.

The quality of the sets is the same for each snorkels set we sell and each model comes with a variety of colour choices. There are also various snorkels models that come as part of your snorkel set. Most snorkel sets come with a drain snorkel which means that most of the excess water will drain out of the snorkel without you having to blow it out! Some snorkels sets come with a snorkel with a splash guard which helps prevent water going down the snorkel and finally some snorkel sets come with snorkel with a dry top that will prevents most water going down the snorkel.

Have fun when choosing your snorkels and choose the set that you feel you will be most comfortable with.

Our quality snorkels sets are not just for adults, we sell Children’s snorkels sets that are just as high quality as the adults with polycarbonate frames, tempered glass lenses and soft crystal silicone skirts. These also come with a variety of snorkels so that you children can benefit from a high quality snorkel set too.



Many who wear glasses or contact lenses don’t realise that we supply masks and goggles fitted with prescription lenses that will dramatically improve your vision underwater. Our range of high quality prescription dive masks can be fitted with a wide range of prescription lenses.

We don’t use inserts or “stick on” lenses with our prescription masks and goggles, but simply replace the lens of the prescription dive mask with a prescription lens of your choice. Our prescription dive mask just look like a standard dive mask but the difference is you can now see clearly underwater.

Look what our customers say about us:


Seavision Diving Mask Fitted with Optical Lenses.


I have just returned from two weeks in Naama Bay, Egypt, where I used my new mask for the first time, during five days’ SCUBA diving with Red Sea Diving College. It performed perfectly and made underwater life, especially reading my dive computer, much easier and more comfortable.
I’d like to thank you for dispatching it so promptly last month.JW”


“Thanks for your megga speedy delivery of my fabulous prescription mask, I almost feel like watching TV with them on as the view is so clear…thanks. PB”


Dear Activeaqua,

Many thanks for my new goggles, I can now see at the swimming pool! Speedy service and polite and helpful staff on the phone; fantastic! KD”

These are just a few of the many positive emails we receive from customers who have purchased our prescription goggles and dive masks.

If you are unsure of your prescription then talk to your optician and get a copy of your latest prescription, call us and speak to one of our helpful advisors who will help you make your choice and guide you through the ordering process. Remember we will dispatch you mask within 1-2 days from receipt of your order and we can send it out by Royal Mail Special Delivery if you need to guarantee to get it next day. So don’t worry if you have left it to the last minute to order your prescription mask for your holiday, we are here to help.



Raja Ampat – Indonesia

Experts say it’s hard to find anywhere else in the world that compares to Raja Amput for snorkelling. Given it’s got the world’s greatest concentration of marine life for a region of its size and 75% of all known coral species in the world can be found there. It is indeed a snorkeler’s paradise.

Raja Ampat - Indonesia

A marine oasis with more than 1,000 different species of fish, sea turtles, sharks and manta rays Its isolated location means you will not be joining dozens of other snorkelers in the water. You will have the stunning marine landscape to snorkel in relative solitude. Bliss.

The waters of this archipelago are made up of 50,000 square kilometres of islands and water.

Raja Amput has long since been thought of as a hot spot for divers and underwater photographers. However by donning a simple mask fins and snorkel its charm and beauty are accessible to everyone.

Most accommodation offers snorkelling equipment for hire but its’ best to take you own and also if you wear glasses or contact lenses invest in a prescription mask.

Tips for Safe Snorkeling at Raja Amput.

It’s worth noting a few safety issues to be aware of when swimming or snorkeling in Raja Ampat…

  • Currents: Some places have strong currents when tides are running. Fins are a must for snorkelling. Keep checking your position relative to the shore – especially if you don’t have a guide. Snorkelling conditions can change quickly so stay aware.
  • Reef protection: Look. Don’t touch! This includes walking over coral to enter the water. As well as the damage done to corals by handling or crushing underfoot, coral grazes or cuts are notoriously prone to becoming infected. Some species can also sting you quite badly. You shouldn’t attempt to handle any kind of marine life. There are many small and pretty animals on the reef that can do you a lot of harm. Blue-ring octopus, cone shells, lionfish – it’s a long list. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.
  • Sunburn: Sunscreen and/or lycra protection is a must. Snorkelling in Raja Ampat is so good that a couple of hours can go by like a blink of the eye. Even wearing a old T shirt in the water can help protect your back You’ll never regret the snorkeling, but will regret being burnt so badly you have to stop.
  • Dehydration: Be aware that you can become dehydrated whilst snorkelling Remember to drink!


Scuba Cat – What Everyone is Talking About


Snorkeling Travel

Many thousands of people go snorkelling each year. Some just want to snorkel and others scuba dive and snorkel. We will be expanding are Snorkeling Travel section in over the next few months. In the Snorkeling Travel section we aim to provide information on Snorkeling Travel based on first hand experiences and local knowledge. Snorkeling Travel is growing in popularity but there are many books on dive sites but often the information on snorkelling sites is scanty at best. With are expanding our Snorke ing Travel section we aim to bring you information on the best snorkel sites in the world, with local information like access points and if the site should be tackled by beginners or left to more experienced snorkelers. Our Snorkeling Travel section will also provide information on points of safety to remember whilst snorkelling, plus information on how to snorkel, the best way to enter the water from a snorkelling boat and how to get back on the boat. All these experiences can prove a little daunting when you first tackle them especially if when you go on your Snorkeling Travels you do not speak the local language.

So if you have any Snorkeling Travel experiences, local knowledge of a resort or photos from your Snorkeling Travel experiences then please send then to us at [email protected]